Welcome to Rachele Roberts who recently joined the Hakoah Club as our new General Manager.


We interviewed Rachele to better understand her background, and her role at Hakoah.
Please share a bit about your journey that has led you to this role. 

I am a passionate individual with a natural inclination for leadership. From an early age I loved interacting with people of all ages and cultures, a love of connecting with others and desire to motivate and inspire. I cultivated these passions through various leadership opportunities, leading in school projects, community initiatives and extracurricular activities, in particular music and sport.


Recognising the importance of people in any successful endeavor, I pursued educational and professional experiences focused on human resources, organisational behaviour, and team dynamics. Through roles that have always encompassed people, talent acquisition and retention, and employee development, I honed my skills in understanding and leading people, fostering a positive work culture, and driving engagement.


Parallel to my passion for people, I have a strong interest in projects, products, and innovation. Whether it is exploring the latest technologies, studying market trends, or staying ahead of industry developments, I work to cultivate a deep understanding of product development, market strategy, and consumer behavior. My curious nature has led me to roles where I have gained hands-on experience in product ideation, project management, design and construction, lifecycle management, always driving customer-centric solutions.


As my journey progressed and my life circumstances changed, I was able to embrace a new avenue to channel my passion of food and beverage. Recognising the significant role that culinary experiences play in people’s lives, I delved into the world of Hospitality. I immersed myself in learning about culinary arts, menu development, quality control, food safety regulations, and guest satisfaction. I gained invaluable experience working at at Crown Sydney ranging from cafes, bars and fine dining to large-scale events, consistently striving to create memorable experiences.
Through my unwavering commitment, dedication, and continuous professional growth, as opportunities arose, I seized them, progressively assuming senior leadership positions where I led cross-functional teams, drove strategic initiatives, and helped shape the overall direction of the organisations I served.
What excites you most about the Hakoah Club?
The opportunity to combine my expertise in people management, product, food and

beverage, sports and entertainment to create extraordinary experiences. To lead with integrity, inspire innovation, and nurture a culture of collaboration. The opportunity to embrace and help shape the strategic vision and make a lasting impact on both the organisation and the people I serve, elevating the Club to new heights and leaving a legacy of excellence.

What are the key areas you are focusing on as we prepare to open next year
  • Defining the target audience and the overall ambiance we want to create in collaboration with our project Director Robert Woolf and our architects Cottee Parker.   
  • Location and venue considerations, such as accessibility, foot traffic, parking facilities, and nearby competition. Ensure that the venue is set up to accommodate our anticipated members and visitation and offers exceptional amenity.
  • Licensing and Legal Requirements: Obtaining all the necessary licenses and permits to operate legally. Including but not limited to business licenses, alcohol permits, health and safety certifications, and any other local regulations specific to registered club act and our development consent. 
  • Staffing and Training considerations:  reviewing the requirements for a competent, enthusiastic and engaging team and partnerships that align with our club’s values.  Provision of comprehensive training material to ensure that our team are well-prepared to deliver excellent service and maintain a safe environment.
  • Support the development of a marketing strategy to maintain communications with existing members, build awareness of the new Hakoah, engage with the community, local residents, businesses and partners leading into creating excitement and anticipation leading up to and following the opening of the new Club
  • Security and Safety Measures: Working with our advisors to implement robust security measures and procedures to ensure the safety of our members and staff. 
  • Interior Design and Ambiance: Paying careful attention to the interior design and layout of the club to create an inviting and immersive atmosphere. Lighting, decor, amenities and seating arrangements to complement the overall theme and enhance the member experience.
  • Integrated Technology Solutions: working on delivering a seamless integration of various technological components to create a unified and efficient system that addresses our specific business needs and objectives.
What do you look forward to doing as the General Manager of the club?
Joining the Hakoah Club as the General Manager is a dream come true for me. I am genuinely thrilled about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. This facility’s cutting-edge sports amenities and the potential to host a wide array of entertainment events have me eagerly anticipating each day. What excites me most is the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of our community and create a place where people come together and are better for it. I envision a place where athletes can hone their skills, performers can captivate audiences, and families and friends can create lasting memories together. Collaborating with a passionate team to turn this vision into reality fills me with enthusiasm. Together, we will create a thriving hub of sportsmanship, talent, and camaraderie. I am committed to fostering an all inclusive welcoming environment that caters to diverse interests and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual.
As the General Manager, I look forward to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and taking our club to new heights. Our shared journey will be filled with dedication, creativity, and a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to all who walk through our doors.

I cannot wait to begin this adventure and create a legacy that will be cherished by our community for years to come.

Get in touch with Rachele to discuss how you would like to contribute to the new Hakoah club.
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