The Dream for Hakoah

Hakoah at White City will be a world class Jewish Community Centre - a unique sporting, fitness, community, cultural and social venue for generations to come.

The Vision

Hakoah means The Strength.
But how do we ensure strength for the future?
It's beyond safety and comfort.
It's a feeling.
A feeling of belonging.
Knowing we're part of something bigger than ourselves.
A place that's ours.
A place to bring us all together.
A place that makes us proud.
A place to connect through common interests on common ground.
To meet old friends and new.
Because life's better together.

We can create that future – now.

"We are lacking a centre to connect and Hakoah will really provide that for us."

– Asher Klein
Uni student and coffee lover

"Developing a communal hub that offers sport, music, art and cultural facilities really excites me – a true place for everyone to feel community & participate in community."

– Sam Weiss
'Jack of all trades' musician, keen surfer, family man and proud yid

Why Hakoah

Now, more than ever, our community needs a place to share the joy of connection.
We need to connect in real life.
As a vibrant hub where people will meet, connect and re-connect, Hakoah will ensure that Jewish identity is accessible and available for all.
And each time they come, people will feel that something special that happens when we are with others in our community.
They will feel a sense of belonging and the joy of connection.
And this will strengthen our community.

A Place for All of Us

Hakoah is for everybody.
It is for people in the Jewish community, no matter what age or how engaged they may be, and for others in the community more widely.
Hakoah is a place for us to connect through our common interests.
It encourages inclusiveness and brings together different sections of our community together in a warm, welcoming location in which to gather, meet and just be.

"I want my 3 young children to have the same experience as I did of a community centre that is inclusive – from casual Sunday night dinners to school holiday activities, sports lessons and a place to celebrate milestones with friends and family."

– Tahnya Seifman
Mum, wife, event manager and lifelong Roosters fan


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