Better Together.


Better Together.

Welcome to Hakoah!

Planned to open in late 2023, Hakoah at White City in Paddington will welcome everyone.

Hakoah will connect people through their love of sport, community, shared interests, wellbeing, entertainment and food.

Because life’s better together.

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2000 Members
so we can start building in early 2022


  • Events by Shalom and other community organisations
  • Diverse programs for diverse interests
  • Function space for private events, weddings, simchas
  • Festivals and more


  • Purpose designed meeting spaces
  • Studios for art, music and dance
  • Bridge Club
  • Farmer's Markets


  • 25 metre outdoor pool and enclosed learn-to-swim pool
  • Enclosed multi-use courts for basketball, netball, futsal
  • Full size football field and grandstand
  • Nine Tennis Courts (operated by Sydney Maccabi Tennis)
  • Home of Maccabi NSW


  • State of the art fitness centre
  • Spin, HIIT and group classes
  • Yoga, pilates and barre
  • Meditation and mindfulness


  • After school and holiday programmes
  • Live music and comedy nights
  • Sunset cocktails
  • Market stalls and pop up exhibitions


  • Contemporary restaurant, cafe and bar
  • Food trucks
  • Diverse cuisines (kosher and non-kosher)
  • Cooking classes

Hakoah at White City will be a world class Jewish Community Centre that will be open to all - a unique sporting, fitness, community, cultural and social venue for generations to come.


The Vision

A place for all of us →



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Fast forward to 2023 →



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Where we've come from →



Meet the team →

3km East of Sydney CBD. A seven minute walk from Edgecliff Station with parking for 270 cars & 100 bikes as well as fully accessible lifts and pathways.

Let’s Talk Entertainment
Hakoah will be buzzing all year round with events and regular entertainment.

We're talking live music , outdoor cinema 🎥, Israeli dancing 💃🏻, comedy nights 😂, international acts 🤹‍♂️, dance parties 🎉...the list goes on.

#israelidancing #outdoormovies #comedynight #livemusic #danceparty

The next generation is excited! Hear what Dani Kosofsky, Jordan Abram, Isabella Rich, Rami Tal have to say...

#nextgen #hakoahclub

Hakoah will be a state-of-the-art centre for health and wellness. Our gym will be extraordinary with dozens of weekly classes and modern, light-filled spaces for yoga, pilates, meditation and more.

#🧘🏼‍♂️ 💆🏻‍♀️ 🏋🏻‍♀️
#pilates #yoga #gum #letsgetfit #shvitztogether #meditation #barre

Why is Hakoah important? Hakoah supporters Kathy Shand and Barry Smorgon explain just some of the many reasons why Hakoah will make a transformative difference to our community. ...


Environmental consciousness and environmental sensitivity has informed the redevelopment at every stage. The project is being designed and delivered to a 5-star Greenstar rating under the Green Building Council Guidelines. Multiple sustainability initiatives have been introduced, including:

* Trees - New planting following removal of pest/weed species, means the number of trees on site increases as does the number of native tree species. 🌳

* Habitat - the boundary environmental zones provide suitable new habitat for native mammal species and birds in the area. 🐦

* Transport and access - the site is accessible by public transport, rail and bus, and is pedestrian and cyclist friendly with undercover parking for over 100 bicycles provided. 🚌

* Lighting - Low energy lighting is employed throughout the campus, including sports lighting. The Club building roof is anticipated to become an environmental node, combining raised solar panels as shade structures, and an extensive roof garden. 💡

* Building and energy - the 5-star Greenstar rating ensures buildings are energy efficient and relatively simple to cool and heat, relying primarily on passive heating and cooling.
⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

#sustainability #sustainableliving #hakoahclub

Do you call it ping pong or table tennis? 🏓 🏓

Thoughts on bringing it back?

Igor is looking forward to having a space to utilise his creative skills and work collaboratively with others.

He will have a range of spaces to do this in at the new Hakoah...

What are you looking forward to?

WINNER WINNER SCHNITZEL DINNER! Mazeltov to our final winner Chaim Greenwald on winning a $500 visa gift card!

Chaim used to travel from Melbourne for the famous schnitzels and can’t wait to taste all the new delicious delights Hakoah will have to offer, this time with his kids.

Inclusion is something we take very seriously and want everyone to feel included, accepted and able to join in.
Please let us know any ways you think Hakoah could be more inclusive?

Nail salons. 💅🏼
Open mic night but not open mic. 🎤
Jewish drag. 💃🏻
The two Sophies have lots of (interesting) ideas for what they'd like to see at the new Hakoah. 💡

What would you like to see at Hakoah?
Tell us in the comments below.


Elisa can't wait for family dinners at Hakoah. Just like the old days on Hall Street.
What are you looking forward to?


Our target of 2000 members seemed an ambitious one.

But with a community like you guys, we got there!

Hakoah White City is now full steam ahead.

Can’t wait to see you in 2023!

#wedidit #amazingcommunity #bettertogether #sucharelief #bestcommunityever #letsgetbuilding #youansweredthecall #hakoahclub2023


Thanks to you today is a day of celebration!

YOU made this possible.

YOU supported the dream of a new home for our community.

In 2023, Hakoah is the place to be!

#wedidit #amazingcommunity #bettertogether #sucharelief #bestcommunityever #letsgetbuilding #youansweredthecall #hakoahclub2023


From the very beginning our mantra has been “life’s better together”.

And we have already proved that to be true.

Together, we got to that magic number of 2000 members and in doing so have made life better for all of us.

Hakoah is now a reality with plans to start building early next year.

So let’s celebrate.

Thank you to all of you.

#wedidit #amazingcommunity #bettertogether #sucharelief #bestcommunityever #letsgetbuilding #youansweredthecall #hakoahclub2023

We are getting ready to CELEBRATE TOGETHER 🎉

TODAY IS THE DAY! It’s time to join and become a member so Hakoah can become a reality.

Join us - link in bio

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Milestone alert: we have now hit 1950 members! THANK YOU to all of you who have joined so far.

But...the job isn't done!
TODAY IS THE LAST DAY, we need at least 50 more!

Less than 24 hours left.
We need your support today.

Find out about membership packages in the bio

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