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A condition of the project going ahead is showing that the community wants and will use the facilities at Hakoah. So by purchasing a membership now, you are helping to unlock the money already pledged by our major donors. 

We have individual, family and concession memberships available now. We have packaged these into two categories: pre-opening and foundation memberships. 

Pre-opening memberships are focused more around providing value and offer a significant discount from what the price will be at opening.

Foundation membership are focused more around making an investment for yourself and/or your family in Hakoah and its vision. They also contain significant discounts.

Both categories of memberships are vital to unlocking the funding of our major donors.

To learn more, visit our membership section.

In addition to knowing that your membership helped get Hakoah catalysed into existence, the memberships that are available now are either discounted (pre-opening memberships) or available for a limited time only (foundation memberships).

To learn more about these options visit our membership section.

Yes! Purchasing a membership for someone else is a beautiful way to help support the vision of this project and to give a loved one the unique gift of connection to community. After making the purchase, send the receipt to the recipient and they can fill in the relevant membership forms.

There will be a junior membership category for those who are under 18 years of age. These members will not have voting rights and other rights available to certain other membership categories. A Family membership can include a Junior member.

Anyone can join as a member. Indeed, 25% of the members of the Hakoah at Hall Street were non-Jewish.

There will be various services on the site which will not require a membership. Members will be able to access the clubhouse, bar, swimming pool, and restaurant, and will receive discounts on use of other facilities. In the interests of making this venture a success, users of the facilities are encouraged to become members.

Membership of the gym is separate. People will be able to become members of the gym without becoming members of Hakoah Club, and we anticipate many local Paddington residents will choose to become members of the gym only.

No, unless you are a Gold Star, Honorary or Life Member. 

Yes, Hakoah will welcome and embrace people from all parts of the Jewish community and the broader community. Individuals and groups from across the community will be able to attend programs, use the facilities and rent spaces for their own needs.

Hakoah will also be financially inclusive, and everyone will be welcome to engage with activities at Hakoah through the generosity of the financial aid initiative: Hakoah Cares.

At Hakoah, we belong to a welcoming, vibrant community that nourishes mind, body, and soul, where everyone is valued, and uniqueness is celebrated. It is a place whereJewish community will take root, grow and sustain us all. People of all ages and stages will feel a sense of connection and Hakoah will quickly become a home away from home.

As part of a community that cares, we know that we are all responsible for one another. Collectively, we band together to ensure no one is left behind. It is our mission to ensure that people who face financial barriers or who have different abilities have the opportunity to belong. The Hakoah Cares initiative will help to ensure that children, families, seniors, and people with adapted needs can all participate.

A Club membership gives you access to the bar, restaurant, clubhouse and pool. It also provides a strong indication that you are a supporter of the club and its goals. A gym membership only entitles you to use the gym. At this stage we are only selling club memberships

No.  In certain circumstances a nominee of a Foundation Lifetime Individual Member can apply to obtain membership in their stead. If you would like to learn more, please refer to the membership terms and conditions.

Hakoah is a registered club. Please note applications are subject to approval by the board in accordance with the Club’s Constitution.

For all our membership packages that are under $2,000 you are able to use the BNPL options that we have on our site: Afterpay and Zip Pay


A central Jewish community hub enables connections between people that do not happen otherwise. Our community is siloed by religious observance, schools, geography, background and more. By having a centrally located space that belongs to all of us, we can break down these silos and truly come together as one single community.

Moreover, a Jewish space where we come together in joy to share our interests and passions, will help to strengthen the future of the Jewish community in Sydney.

While the old Hakoah Club at Hall Street Bondi was certainly in need of renewal, in the years since its demolition, the Club has been sorely missed by many in our community.

Friendships were created and reinforced at Hakoah, shidduchs were made at Hakoah, generations grew from noisy children to adulthood and the bonds of community were formed and strengthened at dances, Friday night dinners, swim school and even over the card tables.

More than ever, our community needs a place to share the joy of connection. While we enjoy the benefits of a digital revolution, and have never been so connected virtually, we still feel very disconnected. We need the opportunity to connect in real life, and to ensure that Jewish identity is accessible and available.

Hakoah and Maccabi Tennis plan to develop 30,000 square metres at White City in Paddington into a vibrant community hub. It will be a contemporary sports and community precinct that will bring together the whole community.

This is an ambitious project to create a new home for our community which will have a transformative impact on our future.  

The Hakoah Club has existed for over 80 years in Sydney and means “The Strength” in Hebrew. We see this project as strengthening the Jewish community into the future.

We want to create a place where the community wants to come together to connect regularly, not twice a year and not out of guilt or obligation but out of joy.

The community hub will be buzzing with vibrant, edgy, interesting activities and programs that will stimulate and enhance the emotional, spiritual and intellectual well-being of community members.

The facilities, spaces and programmed events are designed to work across various life stages, ages and demographics.  The events will include social, cultural, educational and recreational options.

Each activity and facility may not be unique but doing it all in one place is.


Click here for some events that we hope to have at Hakoah one day.

Yes. Our board is committed to high-quality kosher and non-kosher food options. 

Subject to the community supporting the vision for the project with the purchase of memberships, building works will commence in late 2021 with the aim of opening the new Hakoah Community Centre and Sporting Hub in late 2023.

We consulted with the community at all levels. We talked to over 30 communal organisations, and conducted  focus groups with young families, those who remembered the old Hakoah, to millennials who are struggling to meet people outside the “bubble”, and those looking to connect post school.

We ran a community survey with over 1,500 respondents. The response was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating strong support for a Jewish community hub. The desire for a home for the community is apparent through all age groups. The results include the following findings:

  • 96% agree “we need a place we can get together as a community and feel that sense of connectedness”
  • 91% likely /extremely likely to come to HAKOAH when it opens
  • 81% find it difficult to meet new people within the community
  • 74% agree “there are lots of “one off” recreational programmes but I prefer regular sessions that become part of my life.”
  • 81% prefer more activities in one location rather than “schlepping around”
  • 74% would enjoy Shabbat Dinner with friends and family at HAKOAH

Interestingly, North Shore respondents showed a similar likelihood to visit to respondents from the Eastern Suburbs.

Respondents indicate a wide range of sport and wellness interests, including fitness centre, swimming, Pilates, yoga, tennis, soccer, basketball, futsal and learn-to-swim, where regular sessions can become part of people’s lives.

We consulted with over 30 community organisations, and have their support.

We conducted six focus groups with young families, those who remembered the old Hakoah, to millennials who are struggling to meet people outside the “bubble”, and those looking to connect post school.

We ran a community survey with over 1,500 respondents. The response was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating strong support for a Jewish community hub.

Absolutely yes! All are welcome.

Hakoah will be pluralistic like the old Hakoah Club. At least 25% of current Hakoah members are not Jewish. The new hub will offer facilities to all within the context of Jewish values and Australian pluralism. We look forward to providing a state of the art facility where residents of Paddington and beyond will feel at home.

Hakoah at White City is a complex project with a range of stakeholders. The board and committee members have worked tirelessly over many years to achieve a plan that is embraced by the community, local council and neighbours. 

Over the last decade a great deal has been achieved to get us to this point including purchasing the land, raising the necessary capital to build the facilities, consulting with the community, obtaining development consent and securing government support. 

This is a once in a generation project and we needed to ensure that we get it right. 

We established a series of criteria before we started looking at design including financial sustainability, environmentally friendly design and accessibility

This is a large and complex initiative, and it has been a difficult road at times with approvals, which includes dealing with a vocal minority in the local community who are opposed to Hakoah at White City.

The total capital involved is approaching $80 million. This includes land, development activity, approvals, constructions, fitout, and working capital.

We believe Hakoah will be financially self-sustaining and will not require philanthropic support on an ongoing basis.

The following will be income generators for Hakoah:

  • The fitness and wellness centre
  • The swimming pools
  • The restaurant and café
  • Renting out sports facilities
  • Functions and events
  • Leasing space to aligned organisations

The board and the development committee have developed an exhaustive and sustainable business plan, and are confident that these six sources of revenue will sustain the community hub into the future, will provide capital for future upgrades and maintenance as well as financial support back into our community. (as is the tradition of Hakoah in the community)

Thanks for your support. We greatly appreciate it. Please visit the donation section on our website to make a tax deductible donation. 

At the moment you are able to pledge your support for the project, and we will invoice you in late September.

Yes. Donations are fully tax deductible, as all donations are being received through the Australian Sports Foundation which is a DGR 1.

Many donors have been incredibly generous and pledged over $45 million to build Hakoah. For many of these donors, it has been the biggest donation they have ever made due to their passion and belief in this project. 

We are running a membership drive to prove that the community wants this project and is excited to use it. The major donors’ generous donations are conditional upon the community supporting the project.  Now is our opportunity to show that we do want it, evidenced by the community joining in numbers and purchasing membership.

Up to 250 jobs will be available during construction and several new permanent jobs will become available post-construction, including jobs in hospitality, sports, fitness, allied health and club management.

It is estimated the flow-on economic benefits from construction of this redevelopment will exceed $100 million.

In the years to come, the project is expected to bring in up to $10 million per year in additional economic benefits.

From 1913 to 1918 , until it burnt down, it was an amusement park,  very similar to Luna Park, and included a fun fair, music hall, ballroom, fairground, a magic mountain and water boat rides.  In fact the name “ White City” is not derived from tennis but from the amusement park which was made out of white papier mache.   

In 1921, it became the headquarters of NSW Tennis and the four huge grandstands were subsequently built, with White City becoming the venue for many international tennis events including the NSW Open and Australian Open Championships and numerous Davis Cups, including the 1954 Davis Cup with 25,578 spectators.

During the 1970s the White City grounds were made available for entertainment including open air pop concerts and wrestling, boxing and basketball.

In 1999 the final international tournament was played at White City.

The Facilities

There will be flexible function rooms for people to hire for their events, passion projects, get togethers and pop ups.

World class sporting facilities including:

  • Full size floodlit synthetic football field and 260 capacity on the grandstand
  • Aquatic centre including a 25m lap pool and undercover learn-to-swim pool
  • World-class fitness and wellness centre
  • 2 undercover multi-purpose basketball/netball/futsal courts
  • Cafe on the pool deck, and Restaurant in the Club building
  • Event space for 450 in conference mode and 300 seated. 
  • Multiple outdoor spaces for events
  • Parking for 270 cars, 100 bicycles, and only a 7 minute walk to Edgecliff train station.
  • Fully accessible lifts and pathways including pool lift
  • 9 Tennis Courts (independently owned and operated by Sydney Maccabi Tennis Club Ltd)
  • Security


There will be a whole range of spaces to rent for simchas, events, board meetings, market days and large scale communal celebrations.

There will be a cost associated with renting these spaces, however the cost will be reasonable.

There are a range of different spaces for hire:

  • Larger spaces that can accommodate between 300 – 500 people at a cocktail function.
  • Larger spaces that can accommodate 280 people seated.
  • Smaller spaces that can accommodate 40 – 50 seated.
  • A boardroom that can accommodate 20 people.
  • A wide range of outdoor spaces.


270 car spots with over 100 spots for bicycles. 

Hakoah is a community centre in the truest sense and will have fully accessible lifts and pathways so that everyone can access our buildings. Our programs will be designed for people of all abilities and age groups. 

Environmental consciousness and environmental sensitivity has informed the redevelopment at every stage. 

The project is being designed and delivered to a 5-star Greenstar rating under the Green Building Council Guidelines.  Multiple sustainability initiatives have been introduced, including:

  • Density - The redevelopment reduces the density of buildings on the site.  Demolition of the west, north, and east grandstand buildings is followed by only one new building, the Club building, with a similar footprint to the current north grandstand building.  This leaves more of the site effectively open air than there is currently. 
  • Environmental zones - The redevelopment maintains and enhances major environmental zones along the northeast, southern and western boundaries.  The northeast environmental landscape corridor alone is over 150 metres long.
  • Trees - New planting following removal of pest/weed species, means the number of trees on site increases as does the number of native/endemic tree species. 
  • Habitat - the boundary environmental zones provide suitable new habitat for native mammal species and birds in the area.
  • Landscaping – areas around, between and over buildings are all considered as landscape opportunities, and provision is made for deep planting across the pool deck area, and other external locations.
  • Transport and access -  the site is accessible by public transport, rail and bus, and is pedestrian and cyclist friendly with undercover parking for over 100 bicycles provided.

We would have preferred a natural grass football field from an environmental perspective.  The demand for use of the field, however, is such that the turf would not have survived within weeks of commencement, and continuous use would provide no opportunity for regrowth. There is no alternative to a synthetic surface from a resilience perspective. 

Building and energy

Environmental considerations have informed design throughout.  The 5-star Greenstar rating ensures buildings are energy efficient and relatively simple to cool and heat, relying primarily on passive heating and cooling.  

Natural ventilation is available in all buildings. 

Low energy lighting is employed throughout the campus, including sports lighting.  The undercover carpark area provides shade for over 150 cars.  This area is open to the air on three sides, allowing for natural ventilation.  This area is also fully reticulated for electric vehicles and includes EV charging points throughout.

The Club building roof is anticipated to become an environmental node, combining raised solar panels as shade structures, and an extensive roof garden. 

There will be no pokies at Hakoah as this is a family friendly venue.



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